Monday, October 29, 2012

Just Better

God blessed them with energy, integrity, selflessness, and more importantly, a willing heart. We know them as volunteers with names like Elizondo, Guerra and Dimas. In Benavides they are the difference between a populace that curses the ground they walk on and a community that works to build itself up. These are better people than I.

As I steered east for home after work I noticed this small group busy sprucing up the 4-H club commemorative marker along the tracks of the Kansas City Southern. I rolled to a stop, stepped off the pickup, walked over and asked to take their picture. Of course, they obliged. Good people always do. After the customary small talk I thanked them for the photo and voiced my admiration for their work, then turned to leave. It was then that a little voice said to me, "Lend them a hand. Go home and change into some jeans, fetch your cap and leather gloves and lend a hand." I did not. It's like I said. They are better people than I.

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